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Design Thinking will change
the practice of law.


We are a European association bringing together designers, IT professionals and lawyers in order to make law more useable and user-friendly.


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Design Thinking will change creative processes.


Design Thinking combines methods, tools and processes of classical design with a holistic approach to innovation to solve problems and develop new ideas.

The right team is important.


Teams should ideally consist of people with different disciplines and backgrounds in order to combine as different knowledge as possible and a wide range of expertise with different methodological competences.

For a successful communication in the team, Design Thinking attaches great importance to the rooms in which the team meets and exchanges.

So who schould join ELDA?

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You want to use today’s technology to evolve or even disrupt the practice of law?

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You are looking for a big blue ocean waiting for your skills? You think lawyers are crazy and IT guys are nerds? They love you too.

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