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Design Thinking will change the practice of law.

Legal design can empower people.

We are a European association bringing together designers, IT professionals and lawyers in order to make law more useable and user-friendly.
Design Thinking combines methods, tools and processes of classical design with a holistic approach to innovation to solve problems and develop new ideas.

Areas of Legal Design

Design is the practice of making USABLE, USEFUL & ENGAGING things.

Design for communication

Design increases the ability to secure users attention while get them through legal processes and improves users comprehension. Communicate in a clearer, more compelling, and more usable way. It also improves the workflow in organizations.

Design for legal services

Design provides better interfaces and tools for clients to interact with legal services and leads to a renewed focus on how to serve clients, while beeing more forward-thinking and creative in generating solutions for problems.

Design is a new pair of glasses.

Design-Thinking is a user-centred way to solve problems. It only takes professional designers`mindset and method, and applies them to other fields.

The right team is important.

Law + Design + Tech = INNOVATION

Teams should ideally consist of people with different disciplines and backgrounds in order to combine as different knowledge as possible and a wide range of expertise with different methodological competences.

For whom is ELDA?

It all starts and ends with you.


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